Family Strategies, Techniques & Interventions




Working with families can be challenging, especially without abundant resources, strategies, and techniques. This course will provide the participant with a variety of interventions to use when facilitating family therapy sessions. This course introduces the professional to strategies aimed at assisting issues pertaining to substance abuse, reunification, poor parental boundaries, oppositional youth, divorce, and adoptions. The professional will exit the course with an array of tools to add to their professional toolbox in order to decrease their anxiety and increase effectiveness when working with families.


  1. Educate participants to the Family Systems Model.
  2. Increase participants’ access to family resources.
  3. Engage participants in learning about and utilizing interactive family strategies.
  4. Expand participants’ knowledge and skill level in dealing with sensitive issues when working with families.
  5. Educate participants on evidence-based treatment for families.

FALL 1718 | 4 CE HOURS