Peculiar Professionals Academy is a series of continuing education courses designed to provide associate-level licensed professionals with training and support on the following:

Building therapeutic techniques and strategies. Increasing competency and treatment effectiveness. Strengthen professional network and broaden knowledge of community resources.

All classes are taught by seasoned Licensed Clinical Social Workers and provide an affordable way to obtain continuing education training that you will use on a daily basis as a licensed professional.


Ready, Set, Go! A Jumpstart to Success for Counseling Professionals.
This seminar is specifically designed for associate level licensed professionals desiring the basic skills needed to enter into the counseling field. The training and knowledge of these veteran professionals will equip you with resources, knowledge, and skills to assist you with entering the counseling field with confidence. No matter what area of practice or clinical environment you choose, this one day seminar will prepare you for a sustainable career as a mental health professional.
Session Topics include: Clinical Assessments and documentation, Supervision, Cultural Competency and Ethics, Therapy 101, Marketing and Credentialing.
This one day training is jam packed with resources to get you off to a great start in the counseling field.

Date: 9/15/2023
Time: 8am to 6pm
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New Classes Will Be Added Soon


All classes are held at 16 Oak Branch Drive, Suite A, Greensboro, NC 27407

Cancellations: We offer a full refund for courses cancelled by the participant with 7 days notice. Any cancellations with 48 hours notice will be offered a 50% refund. You will be notified by the company via email if any classes are cancelled or rescheduled.

Payment & Registration may be submitted online or via US Mail.

Mail to: Peculiar Counseling & Consulting, Inc. 16 Oak Branch Drive, Suite A, Greensboro, NC 27407
Fax registration to: 336-285-7868