Comprehensive Clinical Assessments





The Comprehensive Clinical Assessments (CCA) is the foundation of clinical practice and competent treatment. Understanding all of the specific components of the CCA is the essential first step in formulating an accurate diagnosis. This critical medical document can be intimidating for a professional just entering the field; therefore, this course will assist professionals in becoming more comfortable with collecting clinical data in order to determine accurate diagnoses and appropriate treatment and service for clients.


  1. Thoroughly review and familiarize oneself with all specific components of the CCA.
  2. Engage participants in writing CCAs and formulating diagnoses.
  3. Engage participants in writing treatment plans and formulating goals based on the CCA.
  4. Expand participants’ knowledge of how to document medical necessity.
  5. Engage participants in reviewing all service definitions to determine the best services/ treatment for participants based on the CCA.
  6. Improve participants’ ability to professionally write a case/clinical summary.

FALL 1718 | 4 CE HOURS